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Detective Bio Contest Results and History URL

Lady of Shadows

Apr-27-2006 17:29

Congratulations to the Bio Contest winner, Emmeline Bogart, and finalists, Serges, Trelane Rahl, Della D & Plodwyn! Thank you to all those who participated and especially the organizers and judges. If you would like to read those bios, you can do so by looking at their detective pages or by going to

The original thread for this second Bio Contest was deleted to avoid confusion, but if you would like to refer to it, you can fid it at:

I'm so glad that the Sleuth community can come together and create such fun contests. It is very important for all of Sleuthville, especially newcomers, to experience this type of fellowship, rather than reading petty arguments that are so prevalent in other online communities.


Lady Emerald Devon
Lady Emerald Devon

Apr-28-2006 05:20

Congratulations Emmeline.

Happy Sleuthing & thanks for the read.

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