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Something Rotten in the State of Sweden?
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Terrance Zorn
Terrance Zorn

Apr-24-2006 04:16

City News 5c

Mon, Apr-24-2006

Something Rotten in the State of Sweden?
-A Special Investigative Report by Terrance Zorn

While rumours abound, and calls are made to the Scotland Yard, this reporter has been on the tail on missing Mokita Directors, Blueberry Hill and Lady Emerald Devon.

Devon, has been missing for sometime now and while a brief and fleeting appearance was seen on the boards, her bio mysteriously reads: "Do Not Disturb."
Meanwhile Hill, an old and well loved Detective in Sleuthville has made mention of a mysterious rendezvous.

A source within the Scotland Yard mentioned the fellow Mokita Directors are worried and other Sleuthers have heard nought from the missing pair.

On talking to Devon's family, this reportor was made aware of fears of finding Devon sliced and diced, wearing a wedding dress in a freezer in the Scandinavian region. Hill's family have reported a change in his normally calm demeanour. "He's been more nervous than when he sat his driver's license," they were heard to say.

However, this reporter, harder to kill than a cockroach has not given up. Reports from Frankfurt Airport one week ago showed that Devon made a flight to Arlanda, Sweden.

Since then, the pair have been spotted hand in hand walking through Uppsala, giggling over steak dinners and seen snuggling in the movies.

Rumours of K-I-S-S-I-N-G in trees, however have found out to be false though they have been seen K-I-S-S-I-N-G in cars, on bridges, at the movies, in restaurants, while walking, on park benches, on the train, on fountains, in model bathrooms and on beds in IKEA, in elevators and... the "list" goes on.

This reporter will stay on the case and pictures may follow.
As of now, this in Terrance Zorn reporting that something is most definitely not rotten in the State of Sweden.


Sleuth Sindy
Sleuth Sindy
Pinball Wizard

Apr-26-2019 19:38

Belated Congratulations!

For making it as a couple all these years and for your decision to celebrate your commitment to each other.

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