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Solving Intermediate cases for favors


Apr-24-2006 01:32

Hello everyone,

I was just wondering if the more experienced players might have some tips for a newbie like me.
Yes, I've already read the "Welcome newbies..." post, played the tutorial, and read the Help file. :)

Here's the scenario:
-No crime scene evidence
-Witnesses give me time for one question before clamming
-Down to 3 suspects, all with fake/no alibi
-Townies don't know much about the case
-The person who knows who the murderer is just got murdered themselves...poo. :(

I was just wondering if anyone could give me some tips on where to go from there, or how I should start when such a "favor case" shows up like this.

I probably won't be able to post thank you's until tomorrow, since I need me beauty sleep for school tomorrow(or today) xP so I'm gonna say it right now. :)

Please and much thanks to anyone who replies! ^_^


R Anstett
R Anstett

Apr-24-2006 05:43

If all of your suspects are clammed up, there is no where to go with the case.

You can double check with each townie to make sure you have all the hints from them.

If you can not get WE from one of the suspects on your fake/no alibi people you will have to quit the case.


Apr-24-2006 07:11


YAY!!! Thank you for doing a little research to start out!

Yep, sounds like you'll need to quit the case. It's not uncommon to have difficulty with your first few favors. Keep trying, and either luck, or improved skills will help you find them easier to solve before too long. ;)


Apr-25-2006 02:31

If you didnt find any evidence at the scene, you probably mis the basic hair and thread skills. Without those you cant find hair and thread, so crime scene appears "empty".
I suggest you buy this skills as soon as you can.

As for your case...seems like quitting is the only thing left to do.


Apr-25-2006 03:17

Yep, quitting the case is the best thing to do. Of course, if you are feeling VERY lucky, or if you are just curious what happens when you falsely accuse someone, you can try accusing one the suspects with no/fake aliby. I tried that when I first attempted a favor case, having no skills except the starting ones. The result: the guilty one was a person I have not been told about...

I'll ask here instead of making a new thread: I have the following skills:
Thread Analysis
Rule Bending
Footprint Analysis
Sweet Talking

I also have 5 unspent Skill points. Should I try a favor now, or should I wait until I have Hair Analisis (which means until tomorrow)?


Apr-25-2006 03:27

To avoid messing up the favour pattern I'd opt for doing the favour now - or you can wait with it till tomorrow if you don't have the time now, just don't start another case before asking for the favour (provided of course that you have been progressing "regularly" so far) :)


Apr-25-2006 08:22

Thanks for the tip. :) A few minutes ago I solved the favor case. The Threatening Note I found and a bit of Sweet Talking was enough this time (but I still took Hair Analisis after that).

Say, when does the difficulty of Favors change? In the "Welcome newbies..." thread I found the highest difficulty a Favor can have, but I don't remember reading anything about when I will have to solve hard difficulty cases as Favors. I assume it is at certain amount of experience? Or is it after solving a predetermined number of Favors?


Apr-25-2006 08:45

Well, I'm not 100% sure but I think it's after successfully completing 10 favours - at least that was the case on a little testing I did once, but I can't say if that number sticks as you progress through all the levels :)


Apr-25-2006 08:58

OK, thanks again, Greyling. :)

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