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SMRT Investigations now recruiting!
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Old Shoe

Apr-18-2006 11:56

Hi there,

SMRT Investigations is a new-ish New York based agency, whose founding members have been working for the past month to boost our experience and amass funds and great equipment. We're now ready to expand our operation from our brand new headquarters and are looking for a few (up to 4, at this time) good detectives who want to pursue fame, fortune, and especially fun!

Experience is not necessary as we are happy to help train new detectives. We will provide you with a complete set of high-value gear, according to your archetype, we'll pay to bring you back to NYC if needed, and we don't require you to pay rent, ever. The only small caveat is that we will keep you as a rookie for about a week, just to make sure that you're serious about being in an agency. All we ask is that you be subscribed (of course), that you play most or all of your cases, most or every day, and that you have a sense of fun and adventure. We are hoping to become a top 5 agency, but we can't do it without your help! PM me, Arabesque, if you're interested.

Oh--bonus points if you know where our name comes from! :p



Apr-29-2006 19:31

If you need anymore detectives . I would love to join.

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