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Mar-31-2006 00:53

am just new here, actually a day old already. and am addicted!

my background is the disgraced doctor and am having fun with him!i bought some items to boost my smarts but it also lowered my tough.

does the negative attribute have any effect on me? i don't plan to be a toughy guy but more of the smart one.


Lady Emerald Devon
Lady Emerald Devon

Mar-31-2006 10:40

Basically, Smart Gear and Smart Skills are for the Crime Scene. They'll help you find evidence.

The charming/tough skills are to interview your suspects and so are extremly important.
Like, Ran said, you'll take whatever gear you can from favours first but make a choice whether to be a tough and charming detective and put your skills points into one or the other and smarts.

The agency thing: if you're in an agency you can put on Smart Gear to check the Crime Scene then put your set of Tough or Charming clothes to interview. :)
Also, if you're in an agency, your agency members can help with the P.E (physical evidence) so you can focus more on the interview skills.

Any questions, don't hestitate to PM (Private Message).

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