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RedruM Inc. Now Open!!!
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Mark Stone
Mark Stone

Mar-25-2006 04:56

RedruM Inc is a new agceny looking for new and experienced playes. Im looking forward to doing tresure hunts, and helping others enjoy solving cases. I offer, at the moment, a good standing with the brthhood, a contact with the prist and all of my skills.
Some of the things that we offer to new players are
1) complete help wtih all cases
2) rookie to agent after 1500 exp
3) no rent for the first 2 days just for joining.

More benefits to come as soon as we grow.
Looking for players of all expertice. Im am on everyday or atlest every other day and if I cannot get on for a few hours I always at least make an apperience and ask those on if they need any help. To join or if questions please feel free to PM me.
Have a good day and Happy Hunting!


Mark Stone
Mark Stone

Mar-28-2006 14:54

REDRUM INC IS CLOSED!!!! Sorry. *drinks from flask and stumbles away*

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