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New skill idea?
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Mar-17-2006 08:49

Verify Alibi
smart skill 12 points

This skill allows the detective to go back and re-question a suspect who has previously lied about their alibi. If successful the suspect will reveal their own motive for the crime.

eg. 'Yes I did lie but I was scared, everyone knows how much I hated the victim'

Game Mechanics:

Used one per case
Success based on smart score

Possible outcomes include:
reveal motive
give a new real alibi
give a new false alibi
clam - no further questions answered

This could be a new skill to assign that a new faction could teach.

Who knows I am 2 days old but I already know I don't like these false alibis going unchecked! Its just a thought. What do you guys think?


Lady Emerald Devon
Lady Emerald Devon

Mar-30-2006 00:35

What about advanced faction skills?

For example:

Advanced Pickpocketing: more money

Hynotism: Increased chance of working OR it works on alibis .. you hypnotise them and they say ___ was there too.


Mar-30-2006 04:40

Advanced pugilism: you already get an answer even before asking

Charlie Cain
Charlie Cain

Mar-30-2006 17:35

dont forget the whoopie cushion....... and the big multi colored wig. A must for any joker.

Charlie Cain
Charlie Cain

Mar-30-2006 17:37

oops that last one was a little late I see... Didnt click the last page button first...... Oh well life goes on


Mar-31-2006 22:14

Another suggestion for a new skill, seeing as Ben wants one from each attribute before implementing any...

*note--this skill is added under the premise that *verify alibi* will become either a tough or charm skill... on its face, it seems to me to be more appropriate in the "interview" skillsets*

Observation (or perception, or equally appropriate name)

Smarts skill-- 13 points
Used once per case, automatic chance of success

Can be used at a crime scene to generate one of the following (either randomly chosen or pre-set by case) effects...

*Allows detective to notice previously-unturned evidence (for instance, a detective w/o thread/hair analysis files such a case, a detective with Observation can open it and find threads/hairs assuming they have appropriate skill)

*Allows detective to re-examine crime scene and discover an extra, condemning piece of evidence (thus giving the guilty suspect 2 evidence match possibilities)

*Allows detective to re-examine crime scene and use smarts skills to "analyze" evidence again (for instance, on first try a note came up w/o handedness, a detective with HW analysis and Observation could attempt to check its handedness again)

*If used after all suspects have been "found", will either cause a guaranteed match-no match of one piece of evidence to one suspect (in essence, a free random PE question)

*(Big Maybe on this one) Allows detective to re-examine crime scene and determine if hair belongs to victim's family member (kind of like a rudimentary DNA analysis, based on visual evidence though-- for instance, one could determine if a hair could or could not potentially match victim's brother, sister, cousin, etc., though it wouldn't say specifically who, just that it's a relative or not)

I see this skill belonging in the general skill set, much like lock picking and research.

Curious to know what everyone thinks... praise and condemn at your leisure :)


Mar-31-2006 22:23

Also, another potential skill to round out the set...

Tough skill, 12 skill points
Used once per case, automatic chance of success

Blackmail can be used to receive one more answer out of a townie, but only after they have been completely interviewed (including bribery)

Essentially, your detective would pay the case's value ($1,000 for an almost impossible case) to have evidence "planted" to associate the townie with the victim in some negative way, and the townie would be compelled to answer one more question to clear his/her good name.

I see this skill potentially being a faction skill more than a general skill.

Of course, Ben might have to come up with new cities {CHICAGO? :)} and factions before implementing, but just thought I'd throw the idea out there.

Let the rhetoric begin :)

Dama Del Lago
Dama Del Lago

Apr-1-2006 07:58

I'd like a Charm Skill which allows you to buy/sell items at a lower/higher price.

Sherlock Holms CPA
Sherlock Holms CPA

Apr-12-2006 02:27

Skill idea:

"Expert Witness"
-Charm skill-
15 pts.

Description: The ability to persuade an expert to consult with you at the crime scene about evidence in a case.

Upon visiting the crime scene for the first time, and before the specific evidence is known, a detective with the Expert Witness skill would have the option to summon one of the four physical evidence experts to visit the scene with them. Doing this would guarantee that any evidence present at the crime scene pertaining to that particular expert would be instantly categorized as to its type - straight or curly hair, right or left handwriting, male or female clothing, heavy or slim person at the scene. Additionally, evidence would have a slim chance (perhaps 10% for each relevant PE) to be instantly I.D.'d, considering the samples available for comparison (the list of suspects at the time the crime scene is visited)

Perhaps the twist could be added that if no evidence of that expert's type ends up being present at the scene, the detective would have to pay an amount equal to the bribe amount at that difficulty level because the expert would say that the detective "wasted their time."

Horace Locke
Horace Locke

Apr-12-2006 15:45

"It isnt a rediculous secret. If you want to know what it is, then work on getting to the top with a faction. That is the fun of it, finding out for yourself. ;) "

How do you get to the top of a faction AND can you get "little jobs" every day?

R Anstett
R Anstett

Apr-12-2006 18:14

Yes you can make it there if you want to work it.

You just need a positive standing with a faction. Then do the little jobs for them every day. That will push you up near the top in a few days.

The highest is normally about 40 or so, so 3 points each day less than two weeks. And in doing your cases the twist can boost you up another notch or two each day if you quit any that are against your faction.

It does take work, but all good things do.

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