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Gosh Darn You, Laurel Penchant!

Curtis West
Curtis West

Mar-2-2006 14:32

Well, I finally decided to try out the featured mysteries. I was in London at the moment and decided to do the Red Queen Society. I'm progressing quite smoothly through it until I hit a brick wall. I'm about to ask Laurel, one of the suspects, about who was in the car (that caused the murder) with her. However, Laurel decides to clam up on me and I cannot get her to unclam. I'm pretty sure I'm near the end of the case, but I cannot finish it until I get Penchant to answer my question.

So, what should I do?



Mar-2-2006 14:45

It's been a while since I tried the Red Queen, but the features work a little differently than the regular cases (as you've probably noticed), and often you can get information from lots of other places (suspects, townspeople, research and twists) than usual to make the story progress. Often it's worth taking a tour all over town and make sure you've exhausted every single possibility, and then if you still haven't been able to acquire any new information you can venture a guess (getting it wrong on a feature won't cost you a false on your record like the regular cases do) or simply quit it, start over and choose your questions differently if your skill levels aren't high enough yet to give you answers to all the questions :)

Lady Emerald Devon
Lady Emerald Devon

Mar-2-2006 16:06

If you quit, that's recorded. Not that it matters as such but some detectives like to keep their quits down, I'd say FA :D
It's the only FA where you can say "*&^%$ *&^ Shady" and laugh!

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