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Feb-23-2006 05:37


I recently got my first contact- the shoemaker dude, but everytime i have a piece of evidence(s) for a case, he ALWAYS tells me that it's the footprint of someone who has a real alibi- making he's info completely uselss to me

it's happened to me every time since i've got the contact and i don't remember it happening before he was my contact

does that usually happen? or am i having a really bad run of luck?



Lady Emerald Devon
Lady Emerald Devon

Feb-23-2006 07:57

Nuggy, you might like to read the Murphy post in Sleuthtalk to feel better. ---At least the earlier posts anyhow, before it just got silly :)

Happy sleuthing and one day you'll get an Almost Impossible case that has four footprints!

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