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Judge of character wasted


Aug-4-2004 11:45

I created my character before reading the message boards and then subscribed on my first day. It serves me right, since I took Judge of Character and Research as my starting skills (and had a rough go at first).

Now, I learn that people usually take either the charming or tough skills but not both - making judge of character useless.

I've added Sweet Talking and Rule Bending, and most suggest focusing on charm and smart skills to match my attributes.

Does it make any sense for me to add basic intimidation so I can use Judge and not have wasted the skill points? Or would that skill be wasted as well?

Man, those 8 or 10 Judge points would come in handy right about now!




Aug-4-2004 15:07

You haven't necessarily wasted the price of the skill - your attribute only affects the prices of the skills, not the use of them (I think).

Eleanor Harker
Eleanor Harker

Aug-5-2004 09:44

gosens, since you are smart and charming I would concentrate on getting the smart skills and increse your charming ones with intermediate and advanced, this unfurtunately is going to take you a while, only after all that get intimidation and the rest of the tough skills, but remember that lock picking is also very useful, it saves you questions.

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