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Early Retirement
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Feb-8-2006 01:33

I made a mistake and falsely accused a suspect with a name similar to the one I meant to accuse. It was my third strike and my detective was retired. I have been a dedicated player these past 30 days, consistently in the high scores list, and racking up over 85,000 points. I had almost earned enough to clear my name (my agency was young and I did not want to borrow money that might be needed for other things). The thought of starting over is depressing and so I have decided to quit the game.

I write out of concern that this policy has cost the game more subscribers than just me and is thus, financially unsound. I urge you to consider a less extreme punishment.

I have some suggestions:
1. Penalize the player in experience points, skill points, and/or skills.
2. Restrict the player to low-level cases until he or she can earn the $ to pay Shady.
3. Restrict a player's ability to earn experience for a time.
4. Retire the character temporarily. Allow the player to use a new detective to earn money to "buy" the retired detective back.
5. Finally, give the player the option of paying real money in order to get their detective back. If the charge was $10-$20, the majority of players would still elect to start a new detective, but those of us invested in the game would gladly pay.

For those still playing, I urge you to be careful! I thought I was: I used elaborate spreadsheets to keep track of my cases, but still neglected to notice that I was using "Val" as shorthand for two suspects in the same case who's names begain with the letters.



Moon Lighter
Moon Lighter

Feb-8-2006 09:53

The Pink Pantherr post was from me :) I tend to lose track of what detective I am under.

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