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Going to Join


Jan-26-2006 20:27

Ive been playing the free version for a cupple days now and ive been having a blast. These cases are amazing and fun to figure out. I am definately going to pay so I can join one of the geroups on here. My only question is when I go to find one what shuld I look for in a group and what dose being in one offer?



Jan-26-2006 21:44

Well, Aviles, I think you can only start negotations after you become a subscribed player. If that's the case you can check out the thread named "detective agencies recruiting". That should give you an overview off all the agencies that still have some room left for one more detective.


Jan-27-2006 06:24

Check jstkdng's mod picks the thread about subbing has lots of indo on the benefits.
Which agency you join depends on what you look for. Some are very competitive and some more laid back.
If you check the recruitment thread you can see what type of detective an agency is looking for. You can also PM the director and ask about it.

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