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Number of suspects per level


Aug-2-2004 13:19

Do the hardest levels have fixed numbers of suspects or do they vary?

I am mostly working incredibly hard cases now, and really am grateful that they all have 8 suspects - and it seems like almost always 3 have a real alibi and 5 without.

The earlier levels had a range (easy could be 5 or 6; intermediate had 6 or 7 suspects, hard had 7 or 8, and the number that had real alibis could vary from 3 to 5) So I always wasted questions trying to find out if someone else was lurking - waiting to be found, or had a real alibi.

As the cases get harder, it seems like you don't have the luxury of 'wasting' questions. Do the two highest levels have fixed or varying suspects?



Aug-2-2004 13:26

They have a fixed number of suspects :)


Aug-2-2004 13:27

check back through the message board on this topic. it's been posted a few times before.

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