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My 1st Sleuth Birthday tomorrow
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Jan-19-2006 07:22

*Croesy sneaks back into the lounge and adorns it with papaer chains and banners*

"Happy birthday to me
Happy birthday to me
Happy birthday dear Croesy!
Happy Birthday to me!!!!!!!!!!"

*croesy then sits in the empty lounge and looks around sadly*

I miss you all!!
Am still studying hard in the real world but will try and call in tomorrow on my 1st Sleuth Birtday for some jelly and ice cream!



Jan-20-2006 05:25

if it wasn't my birthday jstkdn i'd give you a proper glare for the adjective "stinking"!

*grabs a plateful of jelly and leaves*

Old Shoe

Jan-20-2006 12:18

Happy birthday!!!


Jan-20-2006 13:07

Happy 1 year, Croesy!! :D

*hands Croesy an elegantly wrapped present containing a pair of blue rollerskates with silver wings so his feet don't get cold, and he can roll himself back to Shanghai asap*

Sorry, I can't stay for the party, but it's a little busy here at the moment - have a great day - hip hip hurray!! ;D

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