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My 1st Sleuth Birthday tomorrow
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Jan-19-2006 07:22

*Croesy sneaks back into the lounge and adorns it with papaer chains and banners*

"Happy birthday to me
Happy birthday to me
Happy birthday dear Croesy!
Happy Birthday to me!!!!!!!!!!"

*croesy then sits in the empty lounge and looks around sadly*

I miss you all!!
Am still studying hard in the real world but will try and call in tomorrow on my 1st Sleuth Birtday for some jelly and ice cream!


Lady Emerald Devon
Lady Emerald Devon

Jan-19-2006 15:52

*grins* Happy Birthday Croesy.

*picks a hair off her sweater, "Hmm, those damn things get everywhere."


Jan-20-2006 05:25

if it wasn't my birthday jstkdn i'd give you a proper glare for the adjective "stinking"!

*grabs a plateful of jelly and leaves*

Old Shoe

Jan-20-2006 12:18

Happy birthday!!!


Jan-20-2006 13:07

Happy 1 year, Croesy!! :D

*hands Croesy an elegantly wrapped present containing a pair of blue rollerskates with silver wings so his feet don't get cold, and he can roll himself back to Shanghai asap*

Sorry, I can't stay for the party, but it's a little busy here at the moment - have a great day - hip hip hurray!! ;D

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