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Kidnapped Reporter Saved.
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Terrance Zorn
Terrance Zorn

Jan-8-2006 05:38

City News 5c

Jan-8-2006 Continued from Page One

Kidnapped Reported Saved- by Terrance Zorn

I, like many others, can only thank God that Mokita had it’s best agents on the case.

269 Mokita Blvd., a relatively new agency in a long list of agencies, has been slowly gaining fame since it started in November of last year, or is that infamy? Whatever the case, this is one agency that knows and can handle the truth.

On its two month anniversary, Mokita will not only be celebrating the climb of its standing on the High Scores Board but its hard earned win of seven trophies.
A fact, this reporter has heard from a dark little bird that has caused a Director from another well known Shanghai Agency to call Mokita his “favourite rival”.

Already known for their generosity to other agencies, this is also an agency where "Everyone has fun. Everyone looks out for each other and helps in any way possible. It’s the best Agency I’ve been in” as one Director pointed out.

The latest addition to Mokita, who has quickly gained confidence, experience and a better dress sense has been overheard as describing Mokita as "incredible," and being "overwhelmed at how helpful everyone's been," a sentiment shared by everyone who has been fortunate to be associated with Mokita. This reporter was exceptionally fortunate.

And while their agency continues to climb on the agency boards, it's not uncommon to find their names on the weekly high score boards or the other high score boards either.
It will be a sad loss to the better citizens of Shanghai when 269 Mokita Blvd. leaves. A happy one, perhaps, for those which commit heinous crimes.

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Lady Emerald Devon
Lady Emerald Devon

May-3-2006 04:53

*Lady Emerald Devon sat down for a second and read Zorn's article and started laughing.
She wondered who paid for the shippment of Fortune Cookies he scattered around New York. She never really got Fortune Cookies either, much preferred the jokes in Christmas Crackers.
She then picked up the phone to call Terrance, wondering why the advertisement wasn't run again like it was supposed to be.*

Dorothy Fox
Dorothy Fox

May-3-2006 16:33

I would like to join an agency if you are still hiring.

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