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Detective Biography

It`s a bad world, with bad people, doing bad things, but this hurts the most when it affects you dirrectly... like it did to me...

It all started 16 years ago, when i found my best friend dead in a pool of blood, killed by a bastard with unfinished bussiness. The police "couldn`t do anything as they already had enough cases...", but later i found out that it was the hand of the Romanian mafia, my home country... so i imediatly understood wich was the real problem...

I promissed myself that i will not rest untill i will have had my sweet revenga. So i started looking for the bastards, doing anything possible to find out any piece of information about their leader... the one who ordered the kill.

I became some sort of a detective, working for an agency, wich, in exchange for my services, offered me information about that son of a bitch...It took me 5 years... 5 long years to finally get face to face with the fucker, but when i did... I set free upon himall the fury and hate that i had in me. After all was over, i felt like all the evil in the world had been eradicated... but i was far away from the truth.

I knew that things couldn`t stop here, but at least i set the score right about my friend.

Since then i`ve been fighting against crime, and became a real detective... and i`m not planning to give up soon...


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