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Detective Biography

Back in another life, I was the poor relation to one of New Orleans's wealthiest slimeballs. My aunt Cordelia took a shine to me- she and Uncle Silas were childless, y'see, and Auntie Cordie always wanted a daughter she could groom into the perfect little debutante, someone to guide through the world of balls and silks and southern hospitality. Despite my rough edges and bookish nature (courtesy of my widowed by childbirth father, who raised me like I was the son he never got- I'm sensing I was a lot of people's 'best we got'), I was the next best thing, and Silas... He wanted Cordie happy. So I was more-or-less adopted by them, and my life for a time was all finishing schools and ballroom dancing and proper dining etiquette. I was good at it, and I hated it.

Then at the age of eighteen, shortly before my debut, I met the groundskeeper's apprentice at Miss Lara Lee's Finishing School for Proper Young Ladies, one Quincy Oliver.

Quincy was quick and sharp underneath his humble groundskeeper facade, and maybe he saw a fellow kindred spirit. I wasn't supposed to acknowledge Q's existence, much less associate with him- my status as a poor relation left me dancing on a razor's edge in polite society, but Q had a set of brains on him I couldn't stay away from. He challenged me to think beyond the soft fluff of the deb set, and encouraged our shared love of puzzles.

It was this love of puzzles that sent the whole house of cards tumbling down. Q noticed a lot of the families at Miss Lara Lee's had at least one family member on the board of directors for the local bank- the same bank foreclosing on a lot of poorer people's land, only to turn around and sell the land to those same board members at auction for pennies on the dollar. Using his skills as a groundskeeper to weasel his way into houses and roping me in through my social connections, Q gathered proof of the conspiracy... And as we did, we began falling in love.

Then Q found out my uncle Silas was at the center of the land theft plot, the night before my debut ball. There was no way I could avoid the fallout if we turned the evidence over. We decided to turn the evidence over and leave the Big Easy behind, start fresh. Q picked New York- it seemed like a good place to strike out on our own. After a trip to the parish priest to get hitched, we mailed the evidence to the cops and were on our way out of New Orleans and into New York.

Good things are funny, y'know? They don't last.

Quincy had his eye on becoming a private detective, and me... I was content being his secretary. But two years into the business, Q was shot and killed as he was waiting on a street corner to meet with an unknown contact about a case whose details Q never wrote down. It's been three years since he died, and I know no more than I did then. But I'm out to solve my husband's murder, and bring the killer to justice.


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