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Detective Biography

January 1, 2012

It was December 24, 2010 that day. The day it all started. I was up early that day. It was the day before Christmas, everybody knew that, but for me, it was more than that. For me, it was the faithful day I met my wife, Nicole, and the day I finally asked her to marry me. I wanted to make that day the most special day of her year. I never knew I would get more than I bargained for.

She woke up to the smell of her favorite breakfast - stew made from tenderized pork, flavored with string beans, water spinach, and green pepper, and of course tamarind. Simple, but full of love. We dined as usual in our backyard, while admiring the beautiful view out back. After dining, we cleaned up the table and got dressed. We were going to the mall to buy new clothes and gifts for our families and friends.

As we stepped out onto our front porch, my whole life went mad.

A black SUV, heavily-tinted and armored, the shotgun seat window partly rolled down, drove by our front. The barrel of a Micro Uzi protruded from the gap, barely visible. I never had the chance to react. Thirty bullets, as later the doctor would announce, pierced through her body, three of them through the heart.

The cops arrived after a neighbor heard the gun shots and called them. I told them what I could, but they didn't seem to be listening. They tried to bring me to the station for questioning, but I knew better than to listen to them. I already got the notion that they had me as a prime suspect, so I made a run for my car and sped away, going as far as I could.

I will get justice for my precious Nicole, no matter what. I had one clue, just one, and I'm going to follow it. That SUV, it had an insignia on it, the insignia of LA COSA NOSTRA.

A year later, and I'm back. I've gone out of hiding, and I'm determined to bring them down. I came out with a new identity and new hope. I've already won the favor and trust of the La Cosa Nostra, without betraying my real identity. A few more moves, Isabella Santanelli. Just a few more.

My father used to say, "Son, try to remember this when you grow up....
If you can't beat 'em..
Join 'em..
Then shoot 'em from behind"

Thanks, dad.

Blitz Krieg


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