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Detective Biography

"Ha! There will never be no dame detective, not now, not ever Alex. That's the funniest thing I've heard all week"
So that's how Chris and his baffoon friends react to what I want to do in life. Around here, to them, I was nothing more than a pretty dame to hang on the arm of whichever guy was lucky enough to win me over. Unfortunately for them, none of them were included in my plans. It's no big secret a woman's role is is limited to A) the innocent, yet naive little girl next door, B) the femme fatale that every man in town knows ... or C) the mistress of some slick mobster. I was not about to be classified as either.


That was ten years ago. Tonight is night of the big law enforcement gala. I went to live life abroad, studied the arts and of course law, unheard of for a woman, but that was my aim anyway! Heard those clowns from back in the old neighborhood had all become officers and would be in attendance tonight. I couldn't wait to rub in their faces not only did I have the best education money could offer, I had money too, and I had made a name for myself as detective. I wasn't the same Alex from back then, I was now Lady Alexandria. I did what they did and better, but not only that, I did it in stilettos.


"I don't know if I can really believe some dame is actually here as one of us. Never thought I'd see the day when some broad would be doing the same job as us" I overhead Chris from back home say. I was the only woman there because of my career, all the others were wives, girlfriends, and mistresses.

"Now, Now that's not a very nice thing to say. Don't you believe a woman can do anything a man can do officer"?

"Is that you Alex? Little Alex from back home? Where the hell you been? Looking good, let me take a look at you. Who are you here with?"

I was very tickled at the fact Chris hadn't connected the link between Alex and Lady Alexandria. Just then my contact and very dear friend at City Hall, Joseph Hollis, walked up and introduced Chris to Lady Alexandria. Oh, the sweet satisfaction I felt watching the men around me with their mouths hanging wide open. I, Lady Alexandria, had solved cases they couldn't even begin to solve.

That night I had proven what I set out to prove and my skills were undeniable.


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