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Detective Biography

(First draft)

I used to work as a reporter for the Times. Until my boss kicked me out, that is. He told me I was too damn nosy. Now I tell you, how on earth can a reporter be TOO curious? Isn't curiosity an essential skill to have in that line of work?

Maybe it didn't help that I found out the truth about him.

That he was cheating on his wife was easy to find out. He was constantly hitting on all the girls in the office, including me. And when he sent me to the post office to mail a pink scented envelope, I just knew what was going on. Too bad for him he didn't know his wife and I were members of the same book club. I just had to tell her, being her friend and all.

She filed for a divorce, and with my evidence and testimony, she could make sure he would never be able to claim her family's capital.

Too bad she died a week before the hearing. It was one of those 'suicides' that reek of murder. Of course the police wasn't able to prove anything, not that they tried hard anyways. When it happened I had been out of town, sent on a special mission by my boss.

When I came back the girl had been buried and I got fired on the spot. I didn't take me long to decide upon my new career.


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