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Detective Biography

The guy that is anywhere.The name is Eyutjeudov-Fule,
When he was just a small little kid.He was a cute,positive,
clever,funny and shy.In his school he was always hard
working and he always pass his exam really well.His
parents were please about it.He is really reactioness that
nothing seems to escape his eye,he had seen car accidents
he had seen muderers throwing plant pot from tall houses
he had seen people exchanging drugs at some dark corner
which he guess that it's yet no matter and he sees many other events which unfortunately he doesn't bother about.
Well,if you know marble,he is always playng marble and
throwing it around thinking it's the best decision he ever
made in his weekends.Yeah,and that's what bothers him,his marble and friends.Sadly at that kind of age he was not aware of what is wrong in all the events he sees and always guess it does not matter except for his little
marble.When he was mature he love to make more
friends than when he was little.Most of his friends inspire
him to become a great inventor and the dream came true.
He had became a great inventor when he was 24.But one
day his uncle's sister died and that problem force him to
be a super spy and bring the murder to justice.And there
he was,right here in the spy profile office.He was now a
spy which he slowly finds the job clean and cool. :D


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