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Detective Biography

"What should we name her, dear?" a woman queried her husband as she nuzzled the small bundle in her arms.

The tall man knelt by his wife's side as he stared in amazement at the little being he had helped create. "She- she's so tiny!" he whispered, awe plain in his voice.

Just then, the raven haired bundle yawned and opened her eyes.

"Blue, her eyes are blue!" the new father exclaimed, "Just like mine! And the color is exact-"

The new mother cut him off with a barely audible sigh of frustration, "Dear? All babies have blue eyes. She will probably grow out of them."

"No. No, she won't. Look at her eyes, Bessie! Look at them! The shade!" the mother peered at her infant, studying the perfect little eyes as her husband continued, "Never have I seen eyes that shade. Adonis blue, my dear. Her name is Adonis."

"I knew I should never of married an entomologist. Our children will hate us for their names!" Bessie said with a tinkling laugh before she suggested, "No, let's name her Lysandra. Lysandra Bellargus. Does that suit your scientific mind, Archie?"

"The scientific name? Of course, darling!" Archie said as he leaned down and kissed his wife full on the lips.
As Lysandra grew older, her eyes changed little. A few specks of silver and brown appeared in the unusual shade of blue, but that was fitting with Adonis blue. She grew up a happy child, chasing butterflies and rescuing worms from drowning while her daddy worked and her mother tended the garden. She told her father "I want to be an entomologist, too!" when she was eight. Bessie and Archie exchanged secretive smiles, and told her what her name meant. Lysandra, who had never liked her name, then loved it.

Years went by, and Lysandra went off to college- no small feat when the majority of universities would not let women in their doors. But she went.

On break in her senior year of college, she went to visit her parents. Her mother did not swing open the door to greet her. Her father did not pick her up and swing her round. The car sat in the driveway. And she knew something was wrong.

Inside, she discovered her parents, father dead, mother in her last breaths, in her father's study. Bessie told Lysandra to grab the music box and run right before she gave her last breath.

Lysandra, cold all over, icy fury at whoever had murdered her parents in her veins, kissed each parent softly on the cold cheeks, and stood. She went to her mother's sitting room and took the small music box from the dresser before leaving her house for the last time.


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