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Detective Biography

Born as Mei Ling Wong, the intelligent young girl was torn away from her immigrant parents to traffic drugs on the dark streets of New York. At the age of six, she was rescued by some private detective whose name she couldn't even pronounce.

When no one came forward to claim her, the detective filed adoption papers for her custody. He went to court, and lost. Mei Ling was deported back to Shanghai, and grew up in an orphanage there.

The corrupted institution may have been able to contain a more homely girl willing to conform to her fate, oh but not Mei Ling. The little devil broke out of the orphanage at young age of 13 and braved the jungle they called Shanghai, surviving on her wits and gaining skills that could out smart any learned man.

The girl changed her name to Suzy, to suit the clientele she sees everyday in "Big World Dance Hall" - the place where the most prominent and the most sinister figures mingle and trade. Suzy sold what was the most precious: information, to any discreet customers willing and able to pay for her service.

"I may be working in a Shanghai dance hall, but I am no dirty yum yum girl!"

"Are you try to find me? Why? No man is ever decent..." Wicked smile, "but come, I can make this a night you will never forget!"


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