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Detective Biography

They say of fairy tales that there is always a beginning. Once Upon a Time, there was a princess, as lovely as the dawn who lived in a tower. You may even know how it ends: a prince comes and shatters the spell.

In the year of our Lord 1915, princesses and towers still held the land, even if the towers were only of townhouses of brick and the gowns all but rise above the knee. I idly sketched as I waited, the pencil taking a mind of its own as I waited. Under the graphite, a portrait formed: a sailor out at sea searching for home, but with a face I knew well.

I am not so old yet that I cannot remember, cannot yet forget the sudden touch of lips upon the edge of my finger, the barest hint of chill even in the summer's heat. A gentle hand gathered together the wind scattered papers.
“Am I so late that you’ve taken to dreaming?”
“Were I but dreaming, it would be of you,” I smiled.
His eyes sparkled back at me, good humor still hidden in the depths of his gaze. Here, I could fall in happiness and contentment. “Good evening, my lady.”

My lady, he called me when we were alone, for that would have been mine by right should his old titled family have accepted an American wife. Out of kindness to they have shown me none, I will not speak their name. But it was a name dear to me, for his sake. And that evening before leaving for England, before returning to serve his duty, he asked me to join him forever – his lady indeed.

It was four years until I saw him again.

Spells are not so easily broken, no matter what the story books say. Kisses and frogs are one matter, but true magic… that is another question altogether.
"My lady, my love." Once, I knew no words dearer, no words so close to completing me. But where had my boy gone? The war had taken the life out of him, and he was always cold, even now by the fire’s heat.

“You’re late.” It was not the first time.
"Hullo, old chap," he replied, carelessly. "Good chance then I remembered to stop by the house this day?"
His voice now rattled at me. His eyes lacked their sparkle, their familiar dance. "And did you go to old Pete's last night? Didn't I see you there on the arm of some little marquis or the like?" he rattled on, a train approaching a wreck, heedless of what it was doing.

"Wasn’t that was you I kissed during the Charleston? With that yellow dress, and the pearls?” Surely, my face would show him. Surely, he must see. And yet, he continued on, blithely unaware. “Or was it that girl, the blond one? Or the brunette? H'll, there's so many these days, a gent can't help but not remember. Have to treat you girls alike now, can’t play favorites you know.”

He leaned forward to kiss me so again, or so he thought, stale breath mixing with the smell of cheap cigarettes. I turned away; he had now sailed far away from me. And I knew then that my fairy tale was over, and my true life had begun.


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