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Detective Biography

It all started when I gave up my job as a reporter at the local newspaper. I still hear my former boss' voice echoing in my mind, yelling that I couldn't solve a single case on my own. It was then I decidede to prove him wrong, and I might even be able to prove my utterly despised parents wrong as well.

Maybe I should tell you from the very beginning, as a matter of fact from the spring of my childhood. I recall a day, a beautiful summers day in July. I was in the garden at that point, when the peace and quiet was broken by my mother's chilling scream. I didn't even had the time to think what I was doing when I found myself in the middle of a crime scene. My own grandfather, one of the few members of my family in which I admired and looked up to, had been murdered. It was quite a disturbing sight; the blood on the wall, the buther-knife forcefully planted in my poor grandfather's back, and of course the obligatoric corpse lying on the ground. It was propably back then I decidede to be a detective. My mother on the other hand went on and on about me taking over the family business.
The local grocery store, that is. I refused, of course, making my parents dislike me already there. But I didn't give in the the cold appearence. I had made my mind. I was going to solve the case; Who murdered my grandfather, and why.

And I did. Pretty early, too. It looked like one of my grandfather's acquaintans was the murderer. His motive? A forgotten bithday or too. Anyway, I got my revenge, proven my worth, and even got paid. Now my grandfather could rest in peace, knowing that his own grandson had solved the case.

I found myself returning from the flashback from the spring of my miserable life, and instead looked at the moist door in front of me with a sign. "Evicted" it said. I sighed, knowing that without a job, I couldn't pay the rent. I went on, solving cases I only got on by dumb luck. It grew, and so did the payment. I soon got enough to get an office. Not a large and luxurious one, that is. Only large enough for me and the little I have.
Anyway, I made a living, and it's all thanks to my grandfather. Even though he's dead, I still hear the sound of his supporting voice from beyond the grave.

"Go on with whatever you can, Martin91, and I know you will make me proud"

And I hope I did


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