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Detective Biography

"Harley," I sung, "Harley come here. I know you want to."

This was how I started my day that ended the first half of my life and opened up the second: Trying to get my cat off the refrigerator.

"OK, fine. Don't start meowing when you want down."

Walking away, I heard a quick succession of raps on my door. I wondered who would be calling at such an ungodly hour of 5AM. "Jose! Why have you come? What's wro--"
"You have to leave quickly. The Drew Gang is after you and they will be here within the hour."
"Who are they sending?"
"Sam Pepper." He said while grabbing my suitcase and cat crate out of the closet.
Sam Pepper. He was one mean man. He could have you in a chokehold as soon as you opened the door and kill you before he took one step in. I knew I couldn't be here when he came.
"I'm outta here." I said getting cans of tuna for Harley and a small supply of snacks for me. "Grab Harley, will ya?"
"You're bringing your CAT? " Jose asked nonplussed.
"Of course! Turn on the oven and open the door."
"I'm going to blow this sucker up."

After making a few adjustments of the front door of my house, I left for the airstrip.

In New York, Jose called.
"You're officially dead. The headline of the newspaper Sunday evening. 'Detective and Hit Man Blown Away'. I'll send you a copy." He chuckled.
"So why was the Drew Gang after you anyways? What did you find out?"His tone grew serious as he waited for an answer that I hadn't shared for a week.
"I found solid evidence on Tommy Drew connecting him to everything those boys do," I said while filing my nails. "I've already sent copies of the evidence to a few detective friends of mine. Oh and the newspaper. So send me a copy when you get it."
"Will do. What are you going to do in New York?"
"The usual: Solve crimes, step on toes, be girl wonder."
"Figured you wouldn't quit," he said.

"Where's Harley? I don't hear him meowing," he asked.
"On top of the refrigerator. I can't figure out how to get him down."


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