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Detective Biography

Well... where to begin with my dissapointing life. My first memories are of an orphanage where daily fights broke out to see who would play with the best toys. After about five years of that I ran away and continued my education on how to take advantage of every opportunity that presented itself to me, like running into old ladies and stealing their wallets or purses. I came close to being caught a few times, but I seemed to always find a way to not get caught until I met Her. It was just another old lady and I would make a little bit of money or at least that is what I thought. I was wrong, this lady was tougher then nails, she held onto that purse and sooned clenched her hand around the back of my neck. She then told me that I had no manners and common sense, to my surprise she told me she would let me go only if I had lunch with her. I agreed because of two reasons, one I was hungry, and the second was I do not think I could of done anything else. From that point on her and I became very close and she taught me the errors of my ways. Three years later she died, but before she did she told me to live a life of no regrets. From that point on I knew I had to stop people like my former self. I would dedicate my life to stopping crime and protecting the innocent, I must become the best sleuth in order to live a life of no regrets.


Order o Socrates:  Poor(-1)
Arcanum Brthrhd:  Poor(-2)
Cosa Nostra:  Poor(-3)
Eastern Triads:  Poor(-3)
Circle of Light:  Poor(-1)
Green Hand:  Good(10)
The Tea Steepers:  Neutral(0)
Shangri La Tigers:  Neutral(0)


Shoe Maker (New York)
Tea Merchant (London)

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The Mysterious Affair at Styles
Agatha Christie