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Detective Biography

"Dr. Harrelson, please come in."

A well-dressed man walked into the small room without hesitation. 'Most people just call me Richard. Lovely office you have here.' He casually sat in the unoccupied chair before him. 'Is that my file?' he queried, gesturing to a rather thick stack on the table.

"It is." came the reply. "And... to tell you the truth, when I first received your letter, I was a bit skeptical. So far, most all of the people I involve myself with have obvious physical abilities, or easily verified recommendations based on their ability to influence others. I've never had someone come to me saying that he was just really, really smart."

Leaning slightly forward the Dr. replied, 'Why so surprised? Physical reflexes are as much a biological process as thought. Each of us is gifted in his own way. Just as your bodyguards outside rarely meet those that best them with physical strength, I have never found my equal in intelligence." He said it simply, as if stating a well known fact.

"Also modest, I see." came the reply.

'As I'm sure you read in my file, I have Doctoral degrees in Biology, Chemistry, Metallurgy, Psychology, Economics, Philosophy, and Literature from five universities, under a variety of names.' He sighed softly at being forced to explain his gifts. 'Here is a small taste of what you didn't read in my file.' he whispered grinning wickedly. 'I was reading Dickens by the time I was three years old. Critiquing him by age four. And dismissing him as pretentious, frivolous and hyper-romantic by five.' Harrelson stifled a small yawn and stretched out his arms a bit. 'Look, I'm sure there must be someone out there whose distinguishing characteristic is humility... But he would think it presumptuous to say that out loud. I, however, have no such compunction.'

The other slowly nodded. "And I wouldn't have any use for him in any event. You however..."
He paused a moment in thought. "I have a little job I believe I could use you for. Think of it as a test. And we'll see what happens from there."

The Dr.'s eyes darkened a few shades as an eerie smile took shape on his young face. 'I rather enjoy taking tests...'


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