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Detective Biography

There was hardly a peaceful evening in a busy city like New York, but occasionally it would occur. I decided to take a stroll around to clear my head of the gruesome events that had happened today. After meaninglessly wandering around, I decided to head back to my small, dingy office. As I rounded the corner, a loud scream broke the silence. I ran towards the source, a small house nearby, where a group of people had started to gather. I tried to move faster. But my thoughts turned to the scenarios that may have happened, each step seemed harder to take, as if my senses told me to walk away and ignore everything.

After pushing through the small crowd that had gathered, I was finally able to see what the ruckus was all about. There in the middle of the room was a dead man. The room was a complete mess and but there was only a small amount of blood. I wasn't surprised. My instincts have always warned me.

But the sight of the lifeless body lying in the middle of the room still made me feel sorrow. Sorrow for the victim, whose life was stolen by a currently unidentified murderer. Sorrow for the people who may have cared for him. I could never understand why people would resort to killing. But being a detective, I pushed aside all of these as I stepped forward. The murderer was still out there.

And I will catch him.


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