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Detective Biography

Carrying a delectable plate of bacon and eggs into the dusty room, fede smiled as he took off his jacket and hat. It was perfect.

A place where we could come and go as he pleased without worry. Where he could be at peace. Do cases at any time he felt. This was the Sleuthtopian Club.

Silently thanking his co-worker, Mr. Williams, for creating this heaven, fede sat down on a comfortable chair and checked his desk. Everything that he needed was where it should be. He folded his hands. Looked at the clock on the wall. Still time for another case or two.

He heard movement from nearby. "Must be the others," he said to himself. Soon there would be more, he expected. A lot of other gumshoes would probably join up in time. The more, the merrier.

He took a few bites from the plate. The chef was a culinary miracle! The bacon and eggs were simply divine. fede couldn't wait to go back for more. The food service was excellent, and he was afraid of gaining more pounds than he lost. But, this was to be expected. It was the Sleuthtopian Club, after all. A little patch of paradise within a bustling competition of agencies, striving away for fame and treasure.

Was there going to be treasure? fede hoped that perhaps an occasional hunt would be started. He loved travelling from city to city. Out of all of them, though, Delhi had the most peace. A very quiet place was the most suitable for this wonderful agency.

fede finished off the eggs, bit some bacon, and chewed. Yes, this was exactly where he wanted to be.


Order o Socrates:  Poor(-3)
Arcanum Brthrhd:  Fair(6)
Cosa Nostra:  Poor(-3)
Eastern Triads:  Fair(9)
Circle of Light:  Fair(1)
Green Hand:  Neutral(0)
The Tea Steepers:  Terrible(-35)
Shangri La Tigers:  Great(35)


Butcher (New York)
Barber (New York)
Podiatrist (London)
Bartender (London)
Tea Merchant (Shanghai)
Silk Merchant (Shanghai)
Postal Clerk (Delhi)
Fortune Teller (Delhi)
Banker (Cairo)
Baker (Cairo)
First Mate (Sleuthetania)

Arch Villains

None Caught

Books Collected

The Mysterious Affair at Styles
Agatha Christie

Secret Adversary
Agatha Christie

The Hound of the Baskervilles
Arthur Conan Doyle

The Circle of Fire
Michael Bagen

The Art of War
Sun Tzu