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Detective Biography

They call me beccaboodle. Don't know why, name just formed that way. I guess it started back in grade school. My older sister gave me a great scare by screaming "Boo!" My name of course at that time was Becca, it's changed now. Now that I am a detective, I have to change names. I have had a lot of enemies from where I come from. Ya know, so my old enemies don't try and come after me. I am now Frances. So they look me up as Becca, well people'll say they never heard of me. So using my old name now in a new place won't hurt any.

I used to be lead cop in iver Heights. Yea that's right where good old Nancy Drew is from. We met a few times. She helped me on a few things, I gave her the favor back.

But back to the story, see after that my older sister and my mother started just calling me boo, probably because that's what made me wanted to become a detective in the first place. Ya know my sis gave me a good scare, and I wanted to help people who had more then a good scare, but people who truly needed help. I have had a bit of adventure over my career as a cop and as a newly defined detective. I'll come back once and while to share them. But for now, I am on a new case and a new lead has just come in! Gotta go!

*Latest Mystery*

I sighed as I sat back, easing blissfully into the cracking leather. Finally, the week was ending. I pulled out a single key and unlocked the cabinet behind me. Now to drown out the horrors of the past week...

An urgent series of knocks sounded at the door, blending into one loud thud. I choked on the drink that had tasted sweet for the moment of quiet that I had been enjoying. I was tempted to ignore the beating on the wooden panels, but I was coughing hard enough to give myself away. Wearily, I got up and opened the door. It was a man, barely in his thirties. I thought that he looked vaguely familiar, but then again, everyone seemed to in the end.

"Adelard Devaris," he announced, slightly breathless. "I hear you're the best when it comes to solving murders. I need your help: Alonzo, my Client, Alonzo Anderson, was murdered recently. Alonzo was always there for me- the least I can do to repay him is to find out who his killer is."

I sighed, again. So much for forgetting the horrors of the week, but it wasn't in my nature to back down from a case. Still, it was tempting. But I found myself answering, "Well then, I suppose I'll have to get some names then..."

He gave me the names of some people of interest. Then, he made it very clear which way his suspicions pointed.

Topping his list was Karl Anderson, Alonzo's Father. Karl was very angry because the victim had forgotten two birthdays in a row.


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