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Detective Biography

They fired me. I knew they would. This damn city was rotten like an orange that rolled underneath a refrigerator two months ago, and anyone who didn't fit the mould was out.

I got drunk. In those days, it was my answer to everything. Eventually even the Tricky Mister threw me out.

I washed up in the gutter outside the Police Department maybe three, maybe four days later. The rain that was trickling in my ear seemed to have washed away my memory. Something more insistent than my hangover was pounding at my head, too. After a moment, I realised it was Ruda McGruder, the hottest dame in the whole City PD.

"Thad! Thad, get up and help me. You've gotta come look at this."

'This' was Joe Schlomo, my old boss, slumped over his desk in a pool of blood. Judging by the gaping exit wound in his back, I'd've said it was his own.

"Ruda, what hap-", I began, turning away from the man who'd fired me maybe less than a week ago.

"Thad! Oh my god! Look at you!" Ruda went pale beneath her perfect make-up. I followed her gaze down to my chest, where a thick spatter of red-brown covered my raincoat. I hated ketchup, so it had to be blood.

I tore the coat off, and in my hurry, brushed my hand against an unfamiliar shape in my pocket. It was a pistol, and I'd know that fancy inlaid stock anywhere: it was Schlomo's.

It was at that moment I decided to become a PI. My old boss was dead. And I was my number one suspect.


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