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Detective Biography

I feel lost in this big city full of strangers. I long to return to the countryside, where I grew up exploring the woods with my dogs and my twin broher, Paulo. My one friend here, if you can call her that, is Angela Caban, who runs the music studio. Angela has been kind enough to throw some gumshoe work my way, and helps me out with what she knows about the goings-on in this metropolis.

I came here to be a writer, and to have a little adventure. I don't know why I thought I had to live in New York City to write. My typewriter worked just as well back home, and there I didn't have to worry where my next meal was coming from. Mom and dad made sure I didn't starve while I worked on the Great American Novel. But I wanted to live a more exciting life than I could in Seneca Falls. I just didn't count on life getting this exciting.

For some reason, strangers seem to trust me to help fix their problems. My first day here, a lady approached me to solve the murder of her business partner. She promised me a big reward if I could get to the bottom of the mystery. I think the real reason she picked me was that I looked innocent enough to not suspect her. She wanted to look like she was seeking out her partner's killer, when in fact, she knew who the killer was all along.

She underestimated me. Artemis Hunt is more than a flirt with a pretty face. I've spent my life quietly watching people, learning to read them, learning how best to get information out of them. I'm tenacious, and not gullible.

But I digress... Eventually, I put together that my client WAS the murderer. So much for the promised reward... At least I got a little experience under my belt.

Sure, a couple of times I got thrown of the track, but now I think I'm getting the hang of this gumshoe biz. And I kind of like it. In fact, I'm thinking of taking this up full time if I can find a detective agency that will take me on.


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Music Teacher (New York)
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