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Detective Biography

Born, Susie Abode, the oldest daughter of ex-showgirl (Ahbestoast Abode) and nightclub bouncer (Morter Abode). I lived my 1st 10 years sheltered from the daily terror of what my playmates referred to as school. Me and my 8 younger brothers and sisters were home schooled. My mother taught us day and night. Well not really at night she had a part-time night job but my daddy didn’t know about it, she said the money she was making was for a big surprise for my daddy. Unfortunately daddy never got the surprise, see mom ran away with a rich doctor... oh I mean she was in a bad car accident and laid in a coma for more than 8 years.

Anyway, by the time I entered public school I was suffering from a quarter of a mid-life crises but still managed to skip 2 grades. I studied hard and long to push through school. I hated it. All I wanted to do is sing and be Mrs. Susie Homemaker but my mom said "no", she wanted me to be more than a servant. She wanted me to have a fall back, unlike her. She was forced into early retirement After she was accidentally kicked in the shin and the ankle, I mean ankles by her co-workers during a show or was it after the show in the alley - not quite sure - but she had to depend on my dad and she despised it. She didn’t understand but I eventually broke up David Homemaker he was crushed. He’s married now to someone name Susan, they’re happy or so I’m told.

After my mother’s car accident I vowed that I would study hard to advance the medical field and maybe just maybe find a cure for her coma. I never visited her while she was ill because she was transferred to an exclusive hospital in Hawaii. One of the men from her part-time job was covering all the medical bills. My dad shocked and relived at the same time. During the 8 years she away I graduated med school, opened my own practice and continued to push the medical community for further research in the causes of comas. Then my mom showed up in the middle of an presentation on “Why comas are Bad”. I was laughed out of the auditorium and soon after my patients stop calling. People who I considered my friends avoided me. Bills were due I had nowhere to turn. So I took the first bus out of town and landed here in Sleuthville.

I immediately landed a job as a clerk for a detective agency. It didn’t take me long to realize I was selling myself short. I stayed long enough to learn the ins and outs of detectivenism. Yes detectivenism. With the little bit of skills I gained from being a disgraced doctor I took on my first case. Easy. 5 suspects - 3 guilty, I did a little research and narrowed it down to 2. Asked the other suspects which two do they think did it. Then I got a lucky break, the barber identified a strand of hair. Made the accusation, the guilty went to jail and I got paid. I can learn to like this line of work.
Now where's my magnifying glass.


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