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Detective Biography

I started out as a walked on, tripped over and looked down upon lab detective in a very well-known crime lab in New York city. Being a "newbie" if you will doesn't come easy around those parts. Making my way up in ranks, I showed the "'ol boys" what this woman was really made of and finally things were looking up in my life. Until that fateful day. That cold, dark, damp day that my bestfriend was murdered out of cold blood. I was the tech that took on her case and had a multitude of compelling evidence against the monster that decided to take her life. Her life as a wonderful mother of a 10 year old little girl. As the trial faired on, it was looking in the favor of this guilty man and when the verdict was read in the courtroom, I fainted. He was found Not Guilty. He was free to walk the streets knowing of the evil deed that he had done.
I tried to continue. Tried to focus on my new found role as guardian for Lilly as well as my work.
This wasn't enough.
There were flaws in the policework. This should have never happened.
So, here I am. Taking cases for desperate people who have tried and tried to work with police.
I will avenge the death of my bestfriend through my work as a detective.
Not just for me, but for Lilly as well...


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The Hound of the Baskervilles
Arthur Conan Doyle