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Detective Biography

The worst day of my life. The day my parents and my older brother were killed in a gruesome murder.
I was just a 10 year old boy when it happened. My parents and my older brother had left me with a babysitter beacuse they had "business" to take care of. I had never really known much about my parents. They told me that it would be better off if I didn't ask questions. Of course, I was a child so I never suspected anything and I did as I was told. Telling this story makes me wish now that I had. Maybe it never would have happened...
Anyway, I was watching T.V. peacefully as if nothing were going to happen that same day (boy, was I wrong.) My babysitter and I heard the doorbell ring and she went to get it. I heard an enormous scream over the voices on the television. What happened next I will never forget.
I went to the door to see what the ruckus was about. My babysitter was lying on the floor, dead with a bullet lodged in her chest. I know I'll never 4get the blood seeping out and surrounding my little shoes. But the worst was yet to come. I looked up to see two tall men in black uniforms, one of them holding a pistol. I was too shocked to do anything, even scream. One of them picked me up and managed to get his hand over my mouth. Luckily, I managed to bite into his hand until he had to let go and hid behind the couch before he could shoot me. I knew the danger of my present situation and all I could think was "Why me?" as a tear rolled down my cheek. I suddenly heard my parents cars pulling into the driveway. They stepped out of the car holding guns and aimed them at my captors. I was only a child and had no idea what to do until the second man pulled his shirt open. There was a bomb strapped to his chest and all I could was run. I ran as fast as I could to the safety of the basement where I heard the explosion. It was the worst sound I had every heard. A loud, sonic boom that brought my family to death's knees.
The next day, I was sitting in the police station, telling of the ordeal I had been through. Suddenly, a man came in and took me away, claiming to be my uncle. I could do nothing but walk with him because I saw that he had a gun concealed his pocket. He drove me blindfolded to an apartment building and took it off once we arrived.
I thought for sure I was dead meat, but he instead proceeded to tell me the truth about my parents and my older brother and their secret lives.
I found out that they had really been secret agents working for the CIA. Apparently, someone known only as Dr. X had sent the men to kill me as awarning, but when the opportunity knocked to kill my parents and brother, he answered the door. I couldn't believe what I was hearing so I punched the man as hard as I could and ran.
For the next 10 years I raised myself in an old alleyway, training to be a great agent like my parents. After many years of asking questions, I found out where Dr. X lived and killed him. I eventually became what I am today. A dete


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