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Detective Biography

I was born in Manchester, Great Britain.
My dad was a detective but he was in the army for 6 years so he was able to tell me a lot about guns. My mom worked in a hospital and she taught me a lot about poisons and such things. My dad bought me a lot of detective books and he taught me how to solve a crime, find evidence and persuade people to tell me everything they know. He wanted me to become a detective like him.
But then one day all my life turned upside down. I was 18 back then.
I came back from school, went into the house and into the living room and I saw the bodies of my parents on the floor. My dad was holding a gun in his hand and there was blood all over their faces. I immediatelly called the police and they came in 10 minutes. While they were checking the body I noticed something strange. The whole room was looking completely normal except for two things: the window was wide open, just like the door and the place where my mom kept the poisons, which she used for some experiments was messed up. But then I looked closer at the gun my dad was holding and I forgot about these two things. I recognized the gun immediatelly. It was a special kind of gun which he kept in his bedroom in a special locker made of unbreakable glass and only he had the key. (to be continued)


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