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Detective Biography

You see a tall, willowy lady who is wearing a dark red sweater and black jeans with a black leather jacket. Black leather gloves poke out of her jacket pocket. Her long, dark hair is loose and covered with a black leather cap turned backwards.
A ballpoint pen is stuck behind her ear. A pad of paper sticks out of her back pocket. You've heard some rumors - good and bad. She tends to put her nose where its not wanted, but she's also helped a lot of people out of some bad spots.
At her office, a small Siamese cat named Katarina greets you, purring and rubbing your legs. The walls are painted a beautiful pale green. In the corner, Katarina jumped onto a gold and periwinkle couch. An emerald green polar fleece throw covers one corner of the couch. A laptop computer waits silently on a maplewood desk next to a tall bookcase crammed with books. A small bulletin board is covered with pictures, reminders, and notes. Upon closer examination, you see an assortment of books about many subjects including human anatomy, plants, animals, and insects. There are also some biology, chemistry, geology, psychology and art textbooks.
Several overstuffed silk couch pillows are scattered around the room. Jumping onto the couch, Katarina curled into a ball and went to sleep.
A large Persian rug covers the middle of the office floor. A gray filing cabinet sits in another corner.


Order o Socrates:  Poor(-3)
Arcanum Brthrhd:  Poor(-3)
Cosa Nostra:  Good(10)
Eastern Triads:  Neutral(0)
Circle of Light:  Neutral(0)
Green Hand:  Neutral(0)
The Tea Steepers:  Neutral(0)
Shangri La Tigers:  Neutral(0)


Tailor (New York)
Music Teacher (New York)

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