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Detective Biography

Some say I was born under a bad sign, others that I’m just a bad seed. Regardless trouble tends to find me almost as often as I find it. I was born into a wealthy family, given the best education money could buy, and basically groomed from birth to go into medicine or law. Unfortunately for my family my interests never really coincide with theirs. I got kicked out of medical school after two years, dismissed from law school in one. I’m not stupid by any means, I’ve just preferred spending time with the fairer sex to hitting the books. And apparently the upper crust fellows that run those kinds of places just never took well to me. Apparently some of them had daughters, daughters with wonderful taste I might add.

In a vain attempt to put me into a somewhat respectable job and save some face after my “failures” my family got me a spot in the police department. For once in my life I’d found something I actually enjoyed a bit. Of course I was one of the best dressed cops around, being a rich kid had its perks. But it never seemed to bother anyone, after all, I spent as much time walking the streets and digging through back alleys as anyone. I was a good cop, unfortunately I have a bad habit of making friends with the wrong people, and an even bigger problem of spending time with other peoples wives.

Pretty sure it was my family that kept me out of jail when all hell broke loose. It was the last thing they ever did for me though. The moment my badge ended up In the commissioners desk and my stuff ended up on the percent front steps my allowance got cut off. So what’s a suddenly poor rich kid with a knack for understanding the criminal mind to do? Next thing you know I’m living and working out of a tiny office in the bad part of town, doing my best to make a living, and maybe even earn back some respect.


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