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Detective Biography

Kylie Wander is a Charming girl with a way to get the scoop on things, she is young, and flirty at times. She acts like she is not intelligent to keep people comfortable around her so she may find out information more easily.(An old trick that all great detective should know)She is cool and quick on her toes when faced by an enimy. She will sometimes fall flat on her face though, hay she's not perfect.
She writes, alot, it's a hobbie she has had since she was young. Having her family bruitly murdered when quite young has kept her going in hopes to find who was responsable. She also reads, anything and everything she can get her hands on. She hopes to be remembered as a great detective and to always solve the case.

Murder at Wakens Manor

I should have known that cruel irony would creep upon me in an instant of relief. Ha, I should have smelled it over the sickening waver of cologne in the air. It was a night of utter relief and despair at the Wakens manor, the night of a party, the night of a murder.

I had been keeping to myself in my own little apartment. Yes, again I was called to reorder my things, read over my notes, and possibly to recover a forgotten artifact in the mayhem of my closet. This was a little ritual of mine that I did in my own free time.

Well there I was, lost in my closet when there came a knock at the door. “Great…” I grumbled stepping over a pile of junk in the floor and walking over to the door. “Hello?” I said opening the door to an elderly man who looked like he had a foul taste in his mouth.

“Greetings madam, you have been invited to attend the Wakens manor ball tonight.” He said sounding like the kind of blue blood butler you see in the old movies. “Urm… ok thanks.” I said biting my lip in thought, this was strange, why did the richest people in town want a person like me to attend their party?

I shrugged it off; I shouldn’t worry about that kind of thing and just enjoy myself. “Miss Scarlet would like a word with you if you should attend.” He said handing me an envelope. Miss Scarlet, great, I know I am going to be involved in something now, I thought as the man turned and walked to his car and drove away.

I slipped the seal on the envelope and pulled out a small letter with my name on it. The contents of the letter told me that there was a threat on the family and that I was their general interest of trust to them at the moment. Of course, this was supposed to be quite an honor, but I was thinking about the overdue bills I needed to pay so, I accepted the case to keep an eye on things.

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