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Detective Biography

Although Hamilton Drew has connections, by both blood and association, to the English aristocracy, he is no longer a part of their world, though he undeniably still carries the unmistakable air of a gentleman.

It is best not to enquire into his life before the age of 21, when, after coming of age in rather trying circumstances, he began a career in librarianship at one of London's most prestigious research libraries. It soon became clear that he had an aptitude for diligent research and a winning way with awkward readers. However, some years later, there was an unfortunate cataloguing incident which made it impossible for him to continue in the profession, and cut him off from his peers for the second time in his life.

Drifting, he found his way to New York, where he hit upon the idea of putting his natural charm and his research skills to use as a detective. He travelled across continents before settling in London. Here, he has gradually honed his skills and gained valuable contacts among the citizenry. Indeed, the tea merchant Esmerelda Sherwood may be becoming something slightly more than a mere contact, but gentlemanly Hamilton Drew would never betray a lady's confidence to speak of such matters.


Order o Socrates:  Poor(-1)
Arcanum Brthrhd:  Fair(8)
Cosa Nostra:  Poor(-3)
Eastern Triads:  Good(10)
Circle of Light:  Fair(9)
Green Hand:  Poor(-2)
The Tea Steepers:  Neutral(0)
Shangri La Tigers:  Neutral(0)


Shoe Maker (New York)
Podiatrist (London)
Tea Merchant (London)
Waitress (Shanghai)
Shoe Maker (Shanghai)
Podiatrist (Delhi)

Arch Villains

Captain Julius Zhou
Active (Shanghai)

Captain Lizzie von Dreyst

Lizzie "the Spider" Stone

Books Collected

The Moonstone
Wilkie Collins