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Detective Biography

Blowing by the north shore was a tame breeze that tickled young Lynoria. Giggling, she happily skipped towards a lone spruce and carved the name of her love.


The joyous ring of the local church bell sounded the day's end. Lynoria Cavendish heard the soft callings of her mother. But the breeze turned cold as a shot rang out in the middle of the bell's low chiming. Lynoria's heart lept as she saw the blood trinkle towards her bare toes like a small river branching from the main stream.

The soft whispers of the breeze blew on the girl's cheeks. The salty tears flowed from her eyes like rain splashing onto dampened grass. The heart that held the affection and love from an adoring little girl slowly ripped apart as Lynoria touched her mother's pale face. The blood still flowed as Lynoria, through quiet sobbing, implanted a tender kiss onto her mother's forehead. The breeze danced around Lynoria like a vicious fire threatening to overcome a dense forest.

Twenty years later, a now grown Lynoria Cavendish glowered her hatred towards the man who had so brutally took her mother from her. The man was Bradley Cavendish, the father who had disappeared before her birth. The judge banged his gavel as he declared the sentence of a life in prison. Handcuffed and tattered, the old man was led away by armed guards. His beautiful daughter, now chief detective in the local police force, was the one who brought him his doom.

What he took from his wife, was now being taken away from him as he rotted away in a dirty and dingy prison cell. Lynoria Cavendish brought him a small cameo pin with the picture of a smiling woman. The woman who's life ended tragically in an entanglement of treachery, torture, and pain.

With deep pain in her heavy heart, she turned her back on the unshaven rapscallion. Not a single shred of forgiveness did he deserve. Instead, the slow torture of repressed memories would lead him to insanity. Lynoria would return home to her husband named Mike and her child named Beatrice. The name Beatrice was that of her grandmother, who's murder had rocked the foundation of her mother's path.

Now, Mrs. Lynoria Cavendish is at the alter of crime. She is prepared to solve anything at any moment's notice. She is the woman who's destiny was unveiled through a life of injustice and grievence. She is the mistress of murder, because it was she who experienced it with the loss of a mother so wonderful.


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