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Detective Biography

Darkness, pure and simple. So unbelievably dark that you felt you eyes were closed even when you know they were open. That is my world. I live life in shadows of the city. I grow more and more immune to people pain and suffering as they bring gruesome cases that no other detective will dare to take. I become robotic, asking the same question and receiving the same answers as always. It gotten so I know my client answer before they answer, but money is money no matter what the case, but it wasn't always like this.
I was once a well known detective, not known for my toughness but for my smarts and cunning behavior. That is before I met him, David Cachems, a name that still haunts me to this very day. He was smart, charming, and handsome as they all are. He made me feel special and top of the world. A few weeks after I met him, money started disappearing from my checking account and wallet. I notice that money started to disappear, but my love blinded me to the truth about what was really happening.
As more money was being withdrawn, David began to show up late for dates or not even at all. He was taking so much money that I couldn't afford to keep my many employees and started to let people go. Soon it was only me working in my detective agency.
After some time I couldn't even afford the office or my current residence and had to pack up and move. To where might you asked? To where every broke, unemployed, person went, the street. Days passed, and I heard no word from David. "He going to come and help me out," I tried to reassure myself, "I hope...I mean...I know he will. " Doubts still lingered in my head. A week passed, I knew he was not coming and finally realized what a fool I was. That day I promise myself I would no longer let love blind my judgment by not loving at all. That’s when my world plunged into darkness.
The one day the darkness lightened little bit and mist rose above the city. A man in a brown trench coat and a fedora put on such a way it cast his face into shadow came up to me.
Man: "Are you Mist, the well known detective?"
Me: "Depends on whose asking. Who are you?"
The man let out a slight chuckle before speaking in almost whispering tone.
Man: "My name is no importance to you. I have a case for you and if you find out whose the murder. I might be able to return your old job to you. Mind you that nobody else wants this case. This is risky business. One false step and the next day, your name on the obituary listed as Jane Doe."
I had no other choice, so I agreed to take the case. With my decision made, I left to search the crime scene and speak with suspects. Lucky I learn how to deal with uncooperative suspects, because nobody was give up answers willingly. I figured out who the murder was and was again visited by the mysterious man. He listened and congratulated me for my work. My prize was a dull, dusty office. Then it was time to get back to work. Still this to this day, I don't know who that man was.


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