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Detective Biography

Following a childhood spent in Paris, tasting ice cream and feeding pigeons in the pattern of Gertrude Stein, Miss Emmeline Bogartís parents removed her and her three brothers (Woodrow, Virgil and Everett) from France before the worst of the War, restoring them to their birthplace of New York, where Emmy spent a pleasant enough remainder of youth trimmed with all the luxuries expected to accompany her status as daughter of a prominent banker and his socialite (and secretly socialist) artiste wife. While she was afforded the time and supplies to develop her motherís talents from a young age, sleuthing, not painting, was to become Emmelineís forte, though the girl would not have know it for some time, and not at all ever if not for a rather gruesome spot of ill luck.

New York City is many things but hardly honest, and it would surprise few to hear that Emmelineís fatherís place of work was no exception. An unfortunate aspect of being a wealthy bankerís daughter is that involvements with the intricate rivalries and relations existing between bodies of organized crime are inevitable, and had complicated Emmyís status as early as the age of 11, with the poor girl at any time potentially having a price on her head. This did not, needless to say, bode well for her social life. Emm accepted this fate until the restless age of 17, at which time she was led astray by a slightly younger girl called Dixie. The two began to sneak out evenings and frequent nightclubs, adopting the looks and demeanors of flappers, lace-up boots and all. Though tragically naÔve at first, Emmeline settled into this new life with the help of her rag tag bunch of new ďfriends,Ē eventually becoming quite the hoofer and peruser of the giggle water, the darling of the dance floor and a few dashing boys alike.

She was not of course able to hide her new social leanings from her parents for long, despite the best efforts of the maid to wash the tell-tale and invariably lingering smell of smoke from Emmyís clothes. Lester and Philomena Bogart reluctantly accepted that they could not keep their daughter restrained forever, especially in the present cultural climate and with the injustice of her brothersí new jobs outside the house. A young ďbusiness associateĒ of Emmelineís fatherís was assigned to accompany her on nights out for purposes of protection, but the arrangement backfired when she and Roscoe fell for eachother. Mutually convinced of the otherís status as the catís pajamas they became engaged to be married only months after meeting, with Emmeline colored perfectly thrilled and content to hang up her shoes and retire the rouge for a new life as a good young wife and sometimes gun moll, when the occasion warranted. By now 19, Emm had seen the good and bad of the New York streets in her brief but rollicking young womanhood, and earned the affectionate nickname of Tuffy from her boy Roscoe.


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