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Detective Biography

Dixie Perkins was born Dixie Ann Monroe on the outskirts of Montgomery, Alabama. Her parents were different as night and day; her mother was a coal miner's daughter from West Virginia, and her father was a wealthy banker's son from upstate New York. Her father abandoned Dixie and her mother when Dixie was 8 years old, and disappeared. It was rumored that he was involved with the Italian Mafia.

Dixie left home at 18 and joined acting school. She was eventually kicked out for "lack of talent." She managed to move on after that humiliation, and found work as a journalist. She married Sam Perkins when she was 23 years old, and settled down, hoping to start a family.

Her life took a dramatic turn two and a half years later, when Sam died suddenly. He was found in a dark alley in New York City, dead of a single gunshot wound. He had been on a business trip. The police ruled his death a suicide, but Dixie just couldn't shake the feeling that Sam wouldn't have killed himself. He was 25, had a good job, had everything to live for.

From that day forward, Dixie dedicated her life to fighting crime. She moved to the city where Sam had died and began working as a Detective. She never remarried.

A smooth-talking, sweet, Southern lady, Dixie is always ready with the charm. That charm has been the downfall of many a criminal. She also draws from her short time at acting school and can assume several personas while trying to pusuade a suspect. With 7 years experience, Dixie is no veteran, but always has un-equaled enthusiasm as she goes after the wrong-doers.

Dixie does most of her work in New York City, but hopes to sometime take her work internationally.


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