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Detective Biography

I was a young promising detective for the metropolitan police. But it all came to an end one day when someone murdered my daughter. The person who killed my child didn't leave any clues and all my experience as a detective came to naught.
The pain of my loss was great and I turned to drink for comfort, often. As a result, one night I killed a suspect under the influence of alcohol. Although the courts decided that I had killed the suspect in self defence, I was found incompetent and was kicked out of the police force. My wife left me and my friends abandoned me.
Ever since then, I've been a recovering alcoholic working as a private detective. With my daughter's murderer still at large, I've been taking very special interest in homicide cases, and New York was simply full of them. I slowly began to rebuilt my qroup of friends. And Octavia the barber was a grateful friend of mine. She would often help me in some of the cases I was working on and I never hesistated to seek her for assistance. Father Manfred was also a close friend of mine. He'd often hear of rumours that were useful to me and was always eager to share them with me.
The loss of my child is still hard to bear, but if I was going to find my child's killer, I knew I had to keep myself sober. And maybe one day, I'll get lucky and I get a lead or clue to the killer, and when that happens, I'll be on his trail.


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