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Detective Biography

I grew up on a ranch in the South. Swinging on tire swings, swimming in the pond, catching fireflies at dusk, sipping cold iced tea on the porch on a hot afternoon. Was there ever anything else? Not that I can remember. Not that is until the fall of my 16th year.

Having lived what some would call a sheltered and simple life, I was completely unprepared for the scandal that overtook our town and my life. Our town's sheriff and community "leaders" confident as ever in their ability to escape justice, undertook a real estate project that required them to buy the land of several ranch owners in the area. Those who would not sell were forced out - one way or the other.

My family's home lay in charred ruins, my family was dead, and I was running from a murder charge when I left that town. Someone should have warned the sheriff that "sheltered" doesn't mean stupid or cowardly - at least it didn't in my case. It was a lesson I was happy to teach him at the end of my gun.

I finally found a home again with The Closers detective agency after traveling all around the globe. They took me in and helped me to establish myself as an ace detective. Now my faithful and fearsome companion Maggie the pomeranian and I work to bring criminals like those that took the last of my childhood to justice.

Now we are embarking on a quest here at the Hunter's Academy to aid in the training of new detectives to expand this work.


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