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Detective Biography

Ban Grayton isn't his real name; it's just one of the many names in many cities he uses. The documents, files, and papers associated with his old self were already turned into ashes.


He had been an outstanding cop during his early thirties. He had a wife, two children, and he was happy. But it all ended when he discovered the conspiracy involved between the higher-ups of the police force and the powerful Syndicate that has enveloped the city of New York.

He escaped with his family to England through a ship a friend hired. But the person who was his friend was only waiting to betray him; the Syndicate's hirelings were already in London awaiting news of Ban's death. At that fateful night on the ship, he heard a great splash of water. He disregarded it, considering that it's only normal to hear splashes of water in the sea. He can't sleep. He was nervous. He went outside to smoke. It was then that the whole ship blew up, inside out.

Ban was saved by a passing fishing boat. His face was scarred, his mind shattered, and his dreams utterly destroyed. There was only one thing that occupied his mind in his recuperation: it was revenge. He visited his sister and told his story. Then he borrowed money to use in the hunt for his family's murderers. He had surgery and made several fake documents.

The first thing he did was go back to New York and destroy all traces of his own person. But when he arrived, the house, along with the important papers and were already burned to a crisp. He was furious.

He abducted and interrogated his traitorous friend. He didn't kill him, but his friend would've wished he did when the Syndicate found out about it.

Ban re-applied himself as lone detective who use cases that lead to the Syndicate. Whenever he unraveled the identities of its members, he dons a silver mask and a black cloak and "interrogates" them. Afterwards, he burns them alive, just like what they did to his family.

This battle against the Syndicate will continue until he completely eradicates its clutches from the people.


Order o Socrates:  Poor(-3)
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Green Hand:  Good(10)
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Podiatrist (London)
Curator (London)

Arch Villains

Sir Nox Boucher

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The Mysterious Affair at Styles
Agatha Christie

The Murders in the Rue Morgue
Edgar Allan Poe