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Detective Biography

The name's Loecke, Detective Loecke.

Why don't you come in and have a seat while I introduce myself? Although you must surely know the basics if you've gotten this far. I am a private investigator- defending law for those who get nothing helpful from the police and need help in certain matters.

My fees are certainly small compared to others (believe me...) so please bear in mind I'm actually supposed to make a living out of this! I specialize in murders, and when I'm not solving another matter-of-life-or-death important crime (because I believe all crimes are matter-of-life-or-death important...or most of them, anyway) you'll most probably find me working as a substitute teacher, a job I truly enjoy, or writing a newspaper article for magazines and newspapers all around New York.

I hope you like my office? Or, as I like to call it, the bureau...have I mentioned my passion for languages? In that case, I have a passion for languages! And yes, I know french, un peu, c'est vrai, but enough to make any french suspects feel at home. You don't have any, do you?

Now you must think I am one crazy, talkative detective that can't focus on a single topic. But oh believe me, it certainly works as a strategy for certain suspects. You make them think your attention is on the monarch butterfly sitting on the 25th leave to the left of the garden, and they might drop some interesting facts you'd never hear otherwise. But I do have my smarts... in fact, it's what predominates in my personality, I dare say! Yes, I know how to act around the different suspects. And I bet you didn't know this, but you yourself are a suspect at this very moment.

Back to the point- do you like the office? The pictures, the colours...I have certainly decorated it in a highly inspirational way, I dare say! Marie and Charles certainly like it! What do you mean, who are Marie and Charlie? My turtles, of course! My beautiful, swimmer, Olympic champion turtles! Ok, so maybe they're not Olympic champions at swimming...but HEY, they are dangerous. Yes, they have a mike each stuck down their throats, recording everything you're saying.

Oh, please! No need to look so pale! It's not like you killed the victim you've come to talk to me about! Or maybe you did. I have a faint memory of remembering me mention you were a suspect at this very moment. I was joking about the turtle thing...

Yes, it's true, I am adopting a certain personality with you, because you are a suspect. But no need to be wary! I am a warm-hearted private detective, I'm sure you already noticed that! *Smile*

So...would you like a cup of tea? Coffee? Cookies? You did come here to pay Marie a visit, right? I think I mentioned she caught a cold...I hope she doesn't die. I love them so very much, you see.

What do you mean, you haven't come to check on Marie? Well, that is so very rude of you!

Oh...a case for me? I knew it all along! Pretending to have short-term memory!


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